As of September 1, 2017, the space at 628 Metropolitan Ave has a new proprietor and is no longer Abhyasa Yoga Center. Some of the teachers and classes may continue but the center is under new management. All class packages will be honored.

For the schedule, go here.

Below are links to the teachers. If you participated in the training or attended classes at AYC, feel welcome to add your contact info to the comment thread so others can find you too.

Thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to the center with your presence, practice, and humanity. We are forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be with you in yoga.

Please take care.

J. Brown
Leah Thomas Montegut
Salvador Martinez
Gigi Boetto
Sabina Maschi
Robin Helfritch
Christie Roe
Dana Trexler
Gabriel Andruzzi
Veleda Roehl
Jennifer Harris
Tracy Anderson
Alexandra Dempster
Adele Loux Turner
Christina Reich

  • Best wishes to all in the new limb of the path!

  • What a spiritual haven Abhyasa has been all these years. It will be greatly missed. The Abhyasa experience and awesome teaching has resonated with me in a way that is hard to match. Absolutely special. I hope to catch a class before the end of the month. Sending best wishes in transition, xAngela

  • Very sorry to see this place go. I would love to be kept informed if there is a movement to find another space. I’d also love to know if anyone ends up at other studios nearby.

    I have a friend opening a yoga/ pilates studio in Boerum Hill called The Floor; if anyone wants information about it when it opens next week, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks for everything, Erin

    • Hi Erin. I’m Salvador. Not too sure if you took my class before. If you did, sorry that I forgot. I’m looking for spaces to rent in Williamsburg. If you’re interested. I can give you the details when hopefully something gets finalized. Looking to rent a room by the hour, not a whole yoga studio. Feel free to send your friend in Boerum Hill my website and email too. I’m interested.

      All the best to you, and onward to the future we go!


  • Thank you for creating and maintaining Abhyasa for as long as you did, J. This studio and the teaching has a special place in my heart and in my life. I hope to see you in the last month in this space – and elsewhere afterwards.

    I took J.’s training … if anyone else would like to stay connected, I can be found at

    xox Nidhi

  • Abhyasa was a very special studio, place, space – thank you for creating it, J, for pouring your heart and your body into it for so many years, and for sharing your practice with so many of us. I will miss you and the studio dearly, Abhyasa will always have a very special place in my heart and in my life. Endless thanks to you and to all the teachers who made Abhyasa.

    To everyone else here, I also participated in J’s teacher training (Nov 2016-Feb 2017) and would love to stay connected to this network of like-minded practitioners. I can be found at

    With all my love and gratitude,

  • A decade in this town is no small feat. Thanks for the best practice in yoga, glad for all you’ve done. You did it J!

    All the absolute best to you and your family!

  • It is no exaggeration when I say that Abhyasa Yoga Center has changed my life. The yoga practice that J and all of the teachers have helped me develop has helped me become a better person to those around me. It breaks my heart to see it go, and I do hope to attend workshops and classes with my favorite teachers soon.

    Please stay in touch – you can reach me at I’d love to attend classes with teachers from the center around the city, and I’m interested in learning more about J’s retreats. Sending love to all of you!

  • Sending all my love to everyone that has been changed and transformed by Abhyasa Yoga Center. I feel proud to have been a part of this community for so long and fortunate to have completed a training in this space. I will bring a piece of Abhyasa Yoga Center into all of my work!! I hope to stay in touch.

  • I will miss these wonderful teachers and classes, I’m grateful for the years of life changing classes.

    Please teachers – email me if you have any classes in the city or find a new space.

    Lots of love and thanks to all,

  • I’ve only attended a handful of classes here after trying to find a studio where I could begin my yoga journey slowly, perfecting my technique. This studio was a lucky find and I’m sorry to see it go so soon. I appreciate the few classes I’ve taken under J., Leah, and Dana and I’d love to continue to practice under these and the other teachers to build my foundation and move beyond. My contact information is below and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the future.

    Thanks to everyone here.

    Raul Montero

  • Sending love to all the AYC teachers, and J. Brown, who absolutely TRANSFORMED the way I teach. I cannot express how kind and generous J has been over the years, as a teacher, mentor and friend. Introducing the Krishnamarcharya/Desikachar lineage has opened up so much, to me and my students. Hope we stay in touch via social media and take classes with, and from, each other again!

  • Good luck in your next endeavor to all of the teachers!!! It was my pleasure to train and teach at AYC, it will be missed!


  • J you did it! We’re all still connected and have transcended physical space. Your podcast still provides your voice. This site – our communal connection, your livestreams – a chance to still practice with you. We are all still here. YTT April 2014. Practicing yoga Instructor. Please friend me! Pam Yoder,, email: FB: @Yoder healing

  • i love Abhyasa and J Brown’s approach to yoga. i will miss you and wish all good things. Just knowing ya’ll were around the corner allowed me a calm I drew from.

    Please inform me of new opportunities with Abhyasa teachers. I’ll try and keep an eye out for you. (i’m a new mom now, time is funny for us).

    see yall soon?

  • J! Thank you for keeping yoga real. Thank you for your training. I wish you great joy in your Next adventure! I will be staying tuned

  • Love and light to you, J.! And to all of my fellow teachers! This place, space, way, and J. changed my life forever.
    ~Ohm shanti~

  • So sad to see this neighborhood staple go.
    To Jay, thank you and I know whatever you choose for you life next will be given the same attention and love you have to Abyhassa. Best of luck to you.


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