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SOUND BATH W/Gabriel Andruzzi

Exploring Sound/Breath/Movement

Sun. August 20, 8-9:30pm

Sound has a unique ability to affect our moods, emotions and physical selves –whether it’s the sounds we choose (music, conversation) or the sounds imposed on us by our environment. Sound can make us dance or cry, it can trigger joy or sorrow and it can annoy or irritate us. Sound can also help us quiet our systems. It can calm and relax us, and help bring us into balance.

With this Sound Bath, we’ll explore how sound affects each of us. The Sound Bath creates a space where we can safely power down, where we can aim to calm ourselves and to ease into relaxation. In order to help steer us toward a balanced, peaceful state. Additionally we will utilize some gentle movement and breathe to help bridge these states. No prior experience needed. Pre-Registration is $25 /// $30 at the door.

Gabriel Andruzzi is a life long musician, a Sound Practitioner and Yoga teacher. Gabriel has studied Yoga in the Desikachar/Krishanmacharya tradition with Danielle Tarantola completing her 500hr training. He has also studied with J. Brown completing the Abhyasa teacher training. Gabriel works with sound in the context of meditation and consciousness and has studied sound within a healing context with Katie Down, John Beaulieu and Mike Tamburo.

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