Upcoming Events

Restorative Yoga and Aromatherapy

with Narisara Vanichanan

Sat. September 27, 6-8:30pm


Give yourself the gift of breath, time and aromatherapy. This healing workshop offers gentle movement, guided breath-work and customized restorative postures to ease tensions and reduce stress. Narisara will provide an explanation of the techniques and benefits of the aromas and poses. Throughout the class, she will share inspiration to create spaciousness in the heart, mind and body. Featuring essential oil blends from Mighty Real Skin. Leave rested, balanced and refreshed. No yoga experience necessary. $35. Preregister at AYC or by email.

narisaraNarisara Vanichanan received her initial yoga teacher training from OM Yoga Center, Pre-Natal Yoga certification from Janice Clarfield, and Restorative Yoga training from Judith Hanson Lasater. She is also certified in yoga for breast cancer survivors, has practiced vipassana (insight) meditation for over ten years and completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. For Narisara, teaching yoga is an opportunity to help others, and she offers a creative but structured environment where the present moment is honored. Outside the studio, Narisara works in the arts and nonprofit management. She has a master’s in arts administration from Columbia University and is a graduate of Coro Leadership NY.


Patañjali’s Yogasūtras: Foundations

with Chase Bossart

Fri. December 19, 6:30-9pm

Sat. December 20, 6-8:30pm


By all accounts, yoga has the capacity to transform not only how we move and breath but also how we feel and behave. In turn, according to the Yogasutras of Patañjali, yoga can also transform how other people feel and respond to us. The key to facilitating this change is the development of a set of attitudes within ourselves. Join us for an exploration of these attitudes and how they form a foundation of experience that fosters transformation. The evening will include lecture, discussion and two short meditation practices (asana and pranayama.) The presentation is both accessible to beginners and instructive for experienced practitioners. $45. Preregister at AYC or by email.

chaseChase Bossart is a long time, private student of Mr. TKV Desikachar and has spent more than 4 years in Chennai studying yoga. An exceptionally clear communicator with extensive experience in the therapeutic application of yoga, Chase travels frequently to present workshops and trainings on a wide range of yoga and yoga therapy topics. Chase also regularly develops yoga interventions for scientific research and is Co-Director and Faculty at Yoga as Therapy North America (YATNA), a yoga therapist training organization. He formerly served as the Director of Therapy and Education at the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco for 6+ years.