Upcoming Events

Practice and Creative Action:
Yoga and Sound Healing

with Sarah Capua and Stephanie Rooker

Sat. March 4, 6-8:00pm

Practice is both a coming back to our heart, and a call to action. Practice offers us the opportunity to expand our inner voice and awareness so when the world calls on us to act, we can do so from a place of connection and creativity. In this special two hour workshop, delve into deep practice through movement, sound, breath, visualization, meditation, and rest. Join long-time collaborators Sarah Capua and Stephanie Rooker for enduring practices to cultivate your creative energy and explore forms to manifest your inner work in mindful ways in the world.

$40. Preregister at AYC or by email.

Sarah Capua is a therapeutic yoga teacher, a student of Buddhism and classical yogic practice, and a caregiver. She is interested in how practice can help us live an embodied life, inspired early on by her initial training with Stacey Brass, her study of J. Krishnamurti, and her time at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in India. She holds a 500-hour certification in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya through her teacher Danielle Tarantola, studies meditation and Buddhist teachings with Michael Stone, and studied contemplative caregiving at New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, where she serves as an end-of-life doula. She teaches in NYC and the Hudson Valley, focusing on the therapeutic applications of yoga and personal practice.

Stephanie Rooker is a vocalist, voice teacher, sound healing facilitator, and founder of Voice Journey Sound Center in Brooklyn, NY. Her work combines practices of deep listening, somatic awareness, and mindfulness with healthy voice technique and the fundamental principles of sound healing to awaken the medicine of the voice for creative expression, personal growth, and holistic well-being.

Acudragon® Wellness Qigong

with William J. Kaplanidis

Sat. April, 6-8:00pm

The Acudragon® Wellness System blends universal principles with eastern and western approaches to healing. After a brief introduction of the system as a whole, we will focus on the therapeutic exercises drawn from several Asian internal arts that have their roots from India, Tibet and China. William has chosen different exercises from over 30 years experience of practicing martial arts and qigong and will help participants create a balanced routine for their individual practice. Both movement-oriented and meditative forms will be taught.

$40. Preregister at AYC or by email.

William J. Kaplanidis has dedicated his life to helping people find the insight and courage to transform their lives and move towards true freedom and happiness. The Acudragon® Wellness System is the name given to encompass the unique set of skills and various modalities employed by William to assist people to achieve their goals and find their own path in life. William has helped thousands through his individual treatment sessions as well as through his many classes.