Upcoming Events

Aromatherapy 101

with Salvador Martinez

Sat. May 23, 6-9pm


This workshop will cover history, quality, safety, and profiles of the “Lucky 13″, the most useful essential oils. Participants will make a custom blend in a carrier of jojoba oil. Aromatherapy 101 is intended for people new to aromatherapy and essential oils, but if you have previous experience and want a refresher course, please join us. All are welcome. Space is limited so early registration is strongly recommended.

$40. Preregister at AYC or by email.

salvadorSalvador Martinez hails from San Francisco and began his practice there in 1995. He has explored a variety of disciplines including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Shadow, Therapeutic, and Vinyasa. In 2008, he received certification from Sonic Yoga NYC. In 2009, he completed and received certification through the AYC Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, Salvador has continued to deepen his knowledge and experience. He is currently studying yoga anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews of the Breathing Project NYC. He is also trained and certified in Children’s Yoga through Little Flower Yoga NYC, teaching school based yoga programs, pre-k to high school and special needs. He also practices zazen, Zen Buddhist seated meditation, with the guidance of the First Zen Institute of America NYC. Salvador is also the founder of Might Real Skin. Learn more at: www.martinezyoga.com


Yoga for Labor and Delivery

with Adele Loux-Turner

Sat. September 5, 6-9pm


Learn how to apply yogic breath, movement, and relaxation techniques to the process of labor. We will discuss all of the stages of labor and practice methods that both you and your birth partner can use to support the challenges of each stage. These techniques can be used in any type of birth setting, with or without medication, in the hospital or at home. Adele Loux-Turner leads the class, drawing on her years of experience and training as a prenatal yoga instructor and labor doula.

$80/couple. Preregister at AYC or by email.

adele2Adele Loux-Turner began teaching in 2001 (certified Integral Yoga Institute.) Since then, she has taught extensively to both adults and children. In 2006, Adele trained in prenatal yoga at New York Yoga. She studied yoga for labor and delivery with Beth Donnelly Caban and “mommy and me” yoga with Jyothi Larson in 2007. She trained as a labor support doula through DONA International in 2008 and has assisted several births.