jbrownJ. Brown (E-RYT 500) is a yoga teacher, writer, and founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York. A teacher for 15 years, he is known for his pragmatic approach to teaching personal, breath-centered therapeutic yoga adapted to individual needs, including chronic or acute conditions. His writing has been featured in Yoga Therapy Today, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Elephant Journal and Yogadork. He is studied in the Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Iyengar, Sivananda, and Desikachar/Krishnamacharya forms of Hatha Yoga practice. His teachers include Alison West (Yoga Union Certified), Richard Freeman, Swami P. Saraswati (Rishikesh-India), Katchie Ananda and Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga Certified). Member IAYT. J’s writing, video, and international events are also featured at jbrownyoga.com.
leahLeah Thomas has been practicing yoga with J. Brown since 2000. She trained with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews at The Breathing Project in NYC, she is a graduate of the inaugural AYC Yoga Teacher Training and, in 2010, completed prenatal yoga teacher training at Integral Yoga Institute with Beth Donnely Caban and Lara Kohn Thompson. In her teaching, Leah aligns with the therapeutic approach that AYC represents. yogawithleah.com
salvadorSalvador Martinez hails from San Francisco and began his practice there in 1995. He has explored a variety of disciplines including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Shadow, Therapeutic, and Vinyasa. In 2008, he received certification from Sonic Yoga NYC. In 2009, he completed and received certification through the AYC Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, Salvador has continued to deepen his knowledge and experience. He is currently studying yoga anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews of the Breathing Project NYC. He is also trained and certified in Children’s Yoga through Little Flower Yoga NYC, teaching school based yoga programs, pre-k to high school and special needs. He also practices zazen, Zen Buddhist seated meditation, with the guidance of the First Zen Institute of America NYC. Salvador feels grateful and honored to share this wonderful process with others. www.martinezyoga.com
gigiGigi Boetto came to a dedicated yoga practice with the need to heal herself while assisting her partner through a very long and life-threatening cancer treatment. J. Brown’s personal, therapeutic, breath-centered, and non-dualistic approach to yoga, not only taught her safe asana practice for physical and mental health but also helped her develop the vital necessity of self-compassion. Gigi graduated from the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. Continuing her advanced studies of anatomy, Gigi is part of the Yoga Educator Program at The Breathing Project, taught by directors Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews. Member IAYT. Gigi provides her students with a space that helps them learn to listen to themselves so that they may become their own best allies in sickness and in health. www.gigiboetto.com
christieChristie Roe became a devoted yoga student at a young age and started teaching in 2005. Christie shares yoga as a creative self-healing modality, utilizing holistic practice, basic principles and the quality of breath to embrace the entirety of being. She has had the great fortune to train with beloved teachers, such as Erich Schiffmann (Freedom Style Yoga) and Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga.) Christie completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 and is honored to be part of the AYC staff.
andersonAnderson Miller started a regular yoga practice in early 2009 and found that the “present-ness” of it fit nicely into his life. Prior to turning said life up a notch, Anderson just specialized in building digital and electromechanical things, which lacked a certain physicality and ritualistic study. Wishing to deepen his practice, he took his yoga practice to its next logical conclusion and completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Today he is excited to share his practice with others. www.candersonmiller.com
carlaCarla Monzo is a yoga instructor and dance artist with a deep love and curiosity for understanding our embodied nature. She began studying yoga in college, where she also received formal dance training in Erick Hawkins Technique, known for its fluidity and emphasis on the easing of unnecessary effort. This early influence has profoundly affected her yoga practice and teaching, and led her to the breath-centered, therapeutic approach of Abhyasa Yoga Center, where she completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in Spring of 2012. Carla also holds an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College, where she completed extensive research in functional anatomy and embryology. She also teaches in New York City public schools and is on the faculty of the annual Allegheny College Summer Dance Intensive. Carla is grateful for her teachers, James Reedy, Indira Shekerjian, and J. Brown.
sharaSince Shara Harad began practicing, Yoga has been a vital staple in her mind-body investigations both in relation to her dance studies and overall life. When she moved to Brooklyn, Shara found her Yoga home at Abyhasa Yoga Center. She completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Shara is also a performer, schoolteacher, and soon to be social worker. Guided by J Brown, colleagues, and the beautiful complexity of the world, her therapeutic Yoga practice teaches her to precisely connect breath with movement, asana with light-heartedness, and Yoga with practical life. As a teacher, it is her objective to share these corner stones with you. www.sharajoyyoga.com
sabinaSabina Maschi was born and raised in Singapore where Yoga and Eastern medicine were an integral part of her life growing up. While she has studied yoga at various places in South East Asia and Hong Kong as well as in New York – from Bikram to Iyengar to various Vinyasa flows it wasn’t until she came across Abhyasa Yoga Center that she found her yoga home. Sabina completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. She is happy to share the principal of creating strength with ease with other students. Also a student of Fitzmaurice voice and body work since 2009, Sabina is conscious of incorporating this into her yoga.
rachelRachel King first did yoga in elementary school, but she didn’t start practicing regularly until she signed up for a beginner’s class at the Dharma Yoga Center near her apartment in Manhattan in 1998. After the first class, she was completely hooked—the poses she learned immediately made her feel calmer and more centered. Over the years, she tried a variety of yoga styles at a multitude of studios, but found that more athletic kinds of yoga, while exhilarating, often led to injuries that kept her off the mat for months at a time. She is deeply grateful to J. for introducing her to a therapeutic style of yoga that allows her to practice while remaining pain-free. She completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2013, and is happy to be able to introduce more people to the benefits of a breath-centered yoga practice. Outside the studio, she has worked over the years as a writer, editor, lexicographer, and librarian. She loves to teach, and currently works as an instructor in higher education.
laceyLacey Seidman first became enamored with anatomy and the concept of balance as a gymnast in her early teens. Born with a unique neurological condition that required multiple spinal surgeries, she discovered yoga’s health benefits first-hand. Over more than 15 years of deepening her practice, she has steadily worked to rehabilitate her body and completed the AYC Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Lacey uses her experience and intuition to make yoga more universally accessible and articulate the healing effects of yoga practice beyond the physical. After nearly a decade working in the ego-driven atmosphere of the music industry, she considers the practice to be an essential element in remaining grounded, healthy, and recharged. She teaches classes and privates throughout the five boroughs. yogawithlacey.tumblr.com.
sarahSarah Kauffman began to seriously integrate a daily practice into her life in 2009 with support from Kripalu-based teacher Ken McRae. She found it to be grounding and centering through highs and lows, and grew eager to share with others this practice that she found so joyfully beneficial. Since moving to New York as a performer, Sarah has trained in many body- and breath-based techniques, including Lucid Body chakra-based movement work and Catherine Fitzmaurice breath and voice work. A proponent of gentle, mindful practice, she was delighted to stumble upon the like-minded Abhyasa Yoga Center in the fall of 2012 and signed up for the AYC Yoga Teacher Training a week later. She is so pleased to be a part of this incredibly special, nurturing community, and strives to instill her practice both at the studio and on her own with joy, lightness, and a sense of humor. www.sarahkauffman.com/
laurinLaurin Ramsey first found her way to a regular yoga asana practice as a teenager during her parents’s divorce, discovering much joy and comfort in the self-soothing and better self- understanding she experienced in joining together her breath, body, and attention. Much like a dear friend, Laurin’s practice has been a continued source of support, nurturing, and grounded-ness throughout her life’s evolution. She is now incredibly grateful to have found a home at Abhyasa Yoga Center, in which to share an empowering and self-compassionate practice with others. Having completed AYC Yoga Teacher Training in early 2013, Laurin is overjoyed to provide an encouraging environment for self-inquiry and intimacy in her classes. In addition to teaching at AYC, Laurin is a designer and letterpress printer, finding profound delight and wonder in ritualistic discipline and creative process.
adeleAdele Loux-Turner began teaching in 2001 (certified Integral Yoga Institute.) Since then, she has taught extensively to both adults and children. In 2006, Adele completed training in prenatal yoga at New York Yoga. She studied yoga for labor and delivery with Beth Donnelly Caban and “mommy and me” yoga with Jyothi Larson in 2007. Adele trained as a labor support doula through DONA International in 2008 and has since had the pleasure of assisting several of her students through their labors. Adele completes a two-year program in Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga with Amy Matthews and Roxlyn Moret in February 2013, through the School for Body Mind Centering. She plans to continue her studies of BMC to certify as an Infant Developmental Movement Educator. Adele also continues to dance professionally. www.yogadele.com